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We live in a world where your credit controls your access to the American Dream. Over 80% of all financial decisions in your life involve your credit. Whether you are applying for a loan, a grant, a government contract, a business license, a promotion, a job, a bank account, utilities, a mortgage or even insurance, someone is going to check your credit. To make matters worse, banks are increasing their standards. Banks are now looking for applicants with a 720 credit score, less than six inquiries, a BICS score of 12 or higher, a clean NSCRA, a utilization ratio below 35% and zero derogatory credit(ZDC). If you want to become a doctor, you must first go to medical school. If you want to be a lawyer, you must attend law school. To be prosperous in a down economy, you must speak the language of prosperity. Which means you must first go to credit school or partner with a leader in the industry. In the year 2000 this country and every industrialized nation in the world switched to the Credit Scoring System. In the same year we created the first Certified Credit Planner Training Program in the country. We offer onsite credit workshops, certified training programs and credit information systems consultation. We provide small businesses, individuals, ministries, churches, small businesses, corporations, politicians, celebrities, communities and nonprofit organizations with the intellectual capital needed to position themselves for financial growth.

Extreme Credit®

Our CEO wrote the credit restoration and development algorithm. Using this algorithm CDMI now has all three credit industry records including “the World’s Highest Credit Score”. We use this algorithm along with our revolutionary Debt Filtration program to give you the power to eliminate bad debt and build Extreme Credit (720-850 credit score).

You now have the power to eliminate Foreclosures, Repossessions, Collections, Judgments, Late Payments, Charge-offs, Garnishments, Student Loan problems and Bankruptcies, forever. Our Debt Filtration Program uses all 48 government fresh start programs and laws to improve credit and eliminate bad debt, legally and permanently using Cancelation and Forgiveness instead of Payment, Credit Repair, Bankruptcy, Consumer Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement scams. You, your family and friends will get the results that are needed.

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This is not credit repair. We offer extensive practical know-how, expertise in debt and credit law, and the world’s only strategic credit restoration and development formula. We offer an affordable cogent credit and debt management tool that is customized to give you the results that you need

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Once your client’s score exceeds 720 we will pre-approve you for a $250,000 unsecured no doc loan,

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In this ever changing credit driven world, ensuring that your credit remains viable throughout changing economic conditions must be your foremost priority. The reality is that perfect credit and debt elimination, especially in today’s market, requires expert assistance from a company with a proven track record of success. We offer technology driven credit scoring solutions for every need.