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Starting Your Own Virtual Credit Bank (VCB) With No Money CDMI has been an important force in shaping FICO driven technologies and have used our proprietary technology to launch products that foster economic growth and market domination. In our quest to bring you the most advanced FICO-based technologies in the world, we are pleased to announce our latest product, the Virtual Credit Bank. VCB is an award winning FICO Credit System-based Product that gives any church, non-profit organization or business owner control over their financial destiny. Now for the first time you can access as much capital as you need to fulfil your vision in thirty (30) days or less. Using this process, you can turn your social and religious networks into cash. Using our program everyone that is tied to your ministry, organization or business who has a 720 or higher credit score can donate their credit to your vision. Each person that agrees to join your VCB is worth a minimum of $250,000 to your vision. That’s right! If you need $1 million to take you to the next step, then all you need is four members in your VCB and in 30 days or less you will have $1 million dollars with little or no documentation. If you have ten (100 people in your VCB you can access up to $2.5 million in less than 30 days. Now your vision is only limited by your relationships. The JOBS Act even allows you to advertise and solicit members for your VCB on social media. Imagine how quickly you can build your ministry, organization or business with unlimited access to capital. The JOBS Act allows you to solicit up to 300 credit investors per venture. Which means that you can have access to $75 million in 30 days no matter how big or small you are! That means that you are now the bank. You are a lender and not a borrower. Once you begin signing up members for your VCB if they have less than 720 credit score then that is not a problem because this program is run by one of the country’s leading credit experts. Using his program, you can restore, maintain and build your credit history; restore maintain and build your credit score; and eliminate debt; simultaneously. Finally, Americans can take control over their finances.