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Bad Credit has a $1 trillion negative economic impact on the U.S. every single year.  It is a hidden tax we all pay in sweat, tears and treasure.  More than 80% of Americans have a credit or debt problem.  There is not a single college or university that teaches the new credit system.  The math just doesn’t work.

So when some financial tragedy happens  – where do you go for help?  Who can you trust?  The Consumer Financial protection Bureau just sued Lexington Law and – the two largest credit repair firms in the country…bankruptcy, consumer credit counseling and debt consolidation, only makes your credit worse… – they cannot fix the problem.


CDMI’s long-term, slightly ambitious mission is to make the United States of America the greatest middle class driven economy in the world, changing everything for everyone.   We don’t believe the Founders of our country ever expected us to build a society where the American Dream was being held hostage.

Over the last 18 years, CDMI has developed a game-changing credit restoration and development platform combining the world’s first credit restoration algorithm, debt filtration and artificial intelligence – to help our nation truly live out its mandate of unlimited access to capital.


CDMI has been an important force in shaping CREDIT driven technologies and have used our proprietary technology to launch products that foster economic growth and market domination.  In our quest to bring you the most advanced credit system-based technologies in the world, we are pleased to announce our latest product, Extreme Credit® and Perfect Credit 4 Life®.  Extreme Credit is our award-winning Credit System-based Product that gives any individual, group, corporation, municipality, church, non-profit organization or business owner control over their financial destiny.

Now for the first time this product will be offered nationwide.  Using his program, you can restore, maintain and build your credit history; restore maintain and build your credit score; and eliminate debt simultaneously.  Finally, Americans can take control over their finances.  Our revolutionary new programs allow you unlimited access to capital and the American Dream through perfect credit and trade line management.  These new products will finally give you a solution driven, reliable, and vetted credit product that delivers results.  Each of these products are powered by our proprietary Credit Restoration & Development Algorithms.  We are not offering credit repair.  Credit repair is an antiquated technology that was only moderately effective during the “Old Credit System”.  In the year 2000 this country and most of the industrialized world switched from the “Old Credit System”, to the new “Credit Scoring System”.  The new system is radically different from the old.  Most people in the credit business are still using old credit system methodologies because; (1) they do not possess the credit restoration algorithm; (2) demand for this technology is limited because the general public is unaware of this major transition; (3) using flawed obsolete technology is extremely profitable; (4) they are not experts in debt law, credit law and finance (5) It takes more than just good credit to get true access to capital.  Remember, the new credit system is based on complex algorithms that convert your credit report data into a numerical value.

Therefore, it takes an algorithm to beat an algorithm.  Currently, we have no competition, because we have the “Colonel Sanders Recipe for Perfect Credit”.  For the first time ever you can control, restore and or enhance your credit score at will; become a credit expert; empower an entire group with perfect credit; and accurately forecast your borrowing power.


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