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CreditPak® is the world’s first Credit Scoring System based credit enhancement solution. Creditpak guarantees to raise your credit score 50-100 points in 90 days or less. In the year 2000 the United States and most of the industrialized world switched from the “Old Credit System” to the new “Credit Scoring System”. This new algorithm based system radically changed the way we restore credit, build credit scores, access capital, and eliminate debt. Our proprietary system uses Rapid Restructure Technology to improve your credit in a few months instead of years.


The inventor of this system, Dr. Michael C. Grayson (currently holds all three(3) credit industry records) he believes in the transformative power of credit. Towards that end, he created CreditPak®. CreditPak is a complete one stop shop for total credit restoration and development. For the first time ever you can now take control over your credit. This system can help you raise your score up to 850. Everything that you will need to boost your credit score immediately is included in your kit. You are now less than 90 days away from purchasing a new car, buying your dream home, getting a loan for your business, getting a job/promotion, receiving government contracts, or just becoming prosperous.

Simply :

Place your order and receive your Credit Pak within 2-5days

Insert a recent copy of your 3-bureau credit report in the return envelope along with any documents that support your credit correction, all legal notices, collection letters and creditor contacts, etc.

Receive your dispute letters, administrative remedies and strategy report within 2-5 days (legal remedies are available upon request)

Follow our guaranteed 90-day strategy and watch your credit score grow every month. You can continue using our system until you reach an 850 credit score.

Once you reach 720 credit score use our pre-approved loan applications to get approved for any loan; car loans, unsecured personal loans up to $500,000, business loans up to $2,500,000, mortgages up to $5,000,000, and commercial loans up to $50,000,000